Five Simple Ways to Live Healthier, Longer

  • 131 Months ago
Five Simple Ways to Live Healthier, Longer

Researchers asked, "What are the best predictors of reaching old age and still feeling good?". When they looked at healthy men who reached the age of 90 or older, they found 5 predictors of a long, healthy life:

  1. Don't smoke. This is the most important factor.
  2. Maintain a healthy blood sugar level with good diet, a healthy weight, and physical activity.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight with good diet and physical activity.
  4. Get regular exercise.
  5. Maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Successful aging includes common sense behaviors you can choose now- regardless of your age. Healthy lifestyle habits today will result in good health tomorrow, and can greatly increase your odds of enjoying good health through 90 years of life and longer.