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1023 Foods-That-Can-Increase-Your-Libido

Foods That Can Increase Your Libido

Foods That Can Increase Your Libido

Libido refers to a person's sex drive or desire for sexual activity. The desire for sex is an aspect of a person's sexuality, but varies enormously from one person to another, and it also varies depending on circumstances at a particular time.

Here are some foods that can increase your libido:


Bananas: Not only do they sport a happy colour; they also contain vitamin B6 that ups serotonin levels. Apart from this, they contain an alkaloid bufotenine that ups your sex drive.

•Chilli: If your relationship's facing a libido-level slump, spice it up, literally! Chilli's content gets the heart pumping, triggering reactions.

Almonds: Almonds are often associated with health, but most of us don't know that they are packed with essential fats that regulate prostaglandins, required for the production of sex hormones.

Dark Chocolate: long rumored to be an aphrodisiac; a 2006 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who ate chocolate on a daily basis had higher sexual function than those who didn't. That's because dark chocolate contains both serotonin, which boosts your mood, and phenylethylamine, which mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love.

Eggs: Rich in vitamins B5 and B6, both essential to maintaining balanced hormone levels and reducing stress. Plus, eggs are an excellent source of cholesterol, an important precursor to testosterone and estrogen.

Broccoli: High in Indole-3-carbinol, a compound that helps reduce estrogen levels, broccoli is a great libido booster in men (although it can have the opposite effect in women).

Avocados: Avocados actually helps female lubrication and being packed full of vitamins and minerals, it helps with stamina too.

•Oysters: Being high in zinc, it helps to improve sexual potency in men.



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