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1015 Foods-for-your-Moods

Foods for your Moods!

Foods for your Moods!

Most of the time, our moods swing to highs and lows and we recover from disappointments, the elation of victories etc. When we are in a good mood and happy or in a bad mood and sorrow, it is very likely that we eat foods that give us pleasure. But when we are in a really bad mood or even depression, then it is very likely that we consume larger quantities of them.

So, Can your foods really help you?

Foods to fight depression and anxiety:
• Complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, brown rice
• Dark Chocolate
• fruits
• Peas
• Brazil buts

Foods to keep you awake:
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Eggs
• Green tea
• Nuts

Foods for joy and health:
• Spinach
• Fish
• Cheese
• Whole grains- oats, brown rice, muesli
• Berries

Foods that up your sex drive:
• Bananas
• Dark chocolates
• Almonds
• Milk
• Vanilla

Apart from the foods, regular exercise, yoga, music etc helps to improve your overall mood and body!


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