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Foods that help fight acidity

Foods that help fight acidity

Modernization and the accompanying stressful lifestyle have caused our eating habits to go haywire. We binge on unhealthy junk food that gives way to various kinds of ailments. One such physiological disorder is Hyperacidity or acid reflux which shows how truly terrible it is the moment you finish a meal.

  • Cold Milk: Milk is supposed to be the best acidity suppressor. Just after waking up in the morning, if you have at least a cup of cold milk, it will help you fight hyperacidity a big way.
  • Fibrous Foods: Vegetables rich in fiber such as okra, spinach, and also fruits such as oranges and bananas boost the digestive system effectively and prevent acidity.
  • Fruit Juices & Smoothies: Spinach and coriander smoothie with a dash of ginger is quite good for the digestive system. Besides this, make it a habit to have the smoothie with a dose of lime juice, especially after lunch.
  • Oatmeal Breakfast: A very filling first meal of the day with lots of fiber can help you stay away from acidity.
  • Melons: This is the perfect fruit to fight acidity as melons are 90% water. Eating melons helps you meet the required amount of water you should have to keep your system adequately hydrated and also helps flush toxins down the digestive tract easily.

Apart from this, make it a habit to not lie down immediately after a meal. It would really be way better if you choose to walk slowly for an hour after eating.

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