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999 GM-Diet-Does-Wonders-For-Your-Weight-loss-Know-The-Dark-Side

GM Diet- Does Wonders For Your Weight loss? Know The Dark Side...

GM Diet- Does Wonders For Your Weight loss? Know The Dark Side...

I definitely can agree to this variation of a diet, for those who feel it is convenient to lose weight. Honestly speaking, do you think, it works wonders after some stage of dieting? And are you really able to continue this diet pattern after a week's time?

Ok, let me brief you first about the GM diet pattern, for all those who are not aware. This was first started as a 7 days diet program designed for employees of General Motors' company, hence the name GM (General Motors') diet. After this program was designed, people went crazy having seen the desired weight loss results. So, what does this 7 days diet consist?

Day 1-All fruits except bananas
Day 2- All kind of vegetables, can be boiled or salads. Potatoes allowed for breakfast.
Day 3 - Any mixture of fruits and vegetables. No bananas and no potatoes.
Day 4 - Bananas and milk only. You can include 1 bowl of vegetable soup.
Day 5 - feast day- 1 cup rice +beef/ low fat cheese paneer/curds + 4-6 red tomatoes and drink plenty of water to cleanse uric acid level.
Day 6 - All vegetables to your heart's content + 1 cup of rice.
Day 7- 1 cup rice+ vegetables+ fruit juice

So what is for Day 8- you wake up from the bed with high curiosity, check the weight and you have lost 2-3kgs. Your body seems lighter compared to the previous weeks. Good start on day 8... Wow!

GM diet also claims that you can repeat the pattern, if you wish to. Highly motivated with this, some of you wish to continue to follow for the forth coming week. Going back to thoughts? So, did you also think there is a dark side to this diet? Do you think GM diet suits the Indian population? Here are my views for the readers:

Where is the carb and protein on the first day when you start this diet? Is it possible to immediately transform your diet to eating only fruits the entire day? Won't you feel fatigued and hungry? How about the skin and hair that you care a lot like a baby?

Look at the day 1, day 2 and day 3 diet- what difference is it going to make in terms of calories with just fruits and vegetables consumption. They are after all only sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Where has the protein content gone on most of the days? Does your body not require protein to repair tissues and for proper metabolism? As you all know that protein is an important macro nutrient next to carbs, also provides energy and is required for most of the major functions of the body.

Anybody who fasts can also reduce their weight, as similar to GM diet. Hope I make sense to you all...

If you ask me, as a Dietitian, I strongly disagree to this fad Diet. Anyone can lose around 2 kgs by proper balanced diet without compromising on carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber, when you consume it through the right quantities of food.

If you do not know how much of food to consume for your age, height, weight and activity level, then consult a dietitian who can help you with a customized diet plan.

The readers who agree to me - please share your views here.... Also those who lost weight through balanced diet can guide their friends/colleagues to follow a healthy weight loss.....

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5 Months ago

Cntd. For consistent weight loss, need to follow proper diet regime. As they say there is no shortcut to success, same way no short cut to weight loss or healthy life style as well.

5 Months ago

I had followed GM Diet and while it is true it helps lose few kgs in a week's time, it is not a long term solution. Also you gain most of the lost weight, once you are back to your normal diet.

5 Months ago

Continued...I was 78kgs 1 yr back.By following proper diet and exercise advised by my dietician friend from 'Wootu Nutrition' I am 66kgs now.Please follow a balanced diet to maintain healthy lifestyle

5 Months ago

100% true,I have followed this GM diet 8 years back when I was 62 kgs, lost 2 kgs in a week and regained 4 kgs.Weight started increasing and had a severe hair loss problem.Continued in next comment..

5 Months ago