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Get Answers To Your Gastric Problems

Get Answers To Your Gastric Problems


Q: Do you suffer from heart burn even when you have mildly spicy food. What should you do?

A: General tips - Reduce weight if overweight. Eat small frequent meals. Stop tobacco and alcohol use. But still if it’s continuing consult your doctor and use medications as per your doctor's prescription.

Q: Burping is a natural process, but sometimes the food eaten comes up when you burp. Why does that happen?

A: It may be because of reflux or regurgitation of food into the stomach since the stomach is full.  Burping is normal if it's not severe.

Q: Why after eating fried foods or oily foods you feel bloating and nauseated?

A: Oily and fatty foods are very high in calories and take long time to digest, reduce stomach contractions and cause delay in stomach emptying. This leads to the production of gases, acid and bloating and makes you feel full and nauseatic.

Q Most of us has heard our elders saying that it is important to empty bowels early in the morning and it is not good to empty bowels immediately after having a meal. Is that so? Why is it considered bad for health to empty bowels at irregular times?

A: It is only a myth. One can empty bowels at any time depending upon your convenience. It is not the time of bowel evacuation which tells your health status, but nature and consistency of the stool which decides whether you are healthy or not. Still having a routine for bowel evacuation is of great help.

Q: Do you experience constipation very often, also after eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a portion of raw salads every day?

A: You should include plenty of fluids in your diet. But if still there is no improvement, consult a doctor. Check any medications you are taking. Constipation can be a disease which may not respond to increase in fiber.

Q: How many liters of water one should drink per day?

A: Daily water intake vary from person to person. It depends on different factors such as health conditions, climatic conditions, level of physical activity, etc. But generally it should be around two – three liters.

Q: When your meals get delayed, you might feel that your stomach becomes bloated. You can hear some rumbling sounds too. Why this happens?

A: It is a normal physiological process for stomach to grumble when hungry. It is called phase III MMC (Migrating motor complex : It is a cyclic pattern that occurs in the stomach and small bowel during fasting).

Q: Is it good to have curd when experiencing heartburn or stomach burn?

A: It is neither good nor bad. Heart burn can be aggravated by the intake of high fat and stale yogurt/curd. Fresh yogurt/curd does not cause heartburn.

Q: Is it correct that stress causes heartburn and acidity?

A: Yes, to some extent, as stress could increase the production of acid in the stomach, which will directly affect the stomach walls leading to heartburns and acidity. It is not a sole culprit but yes, to some extent it does cause heartburns.

Q: What is the ideal time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A:  Do not keep stomach empty for long time. Eat your breakfast 1-2 hours of waking up. It’s important to eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours rather than eating a huge meal after a long gap. Eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Q: What are the foods that cause flatulence?

A: This might differ from person to person, the foods which cause flatulence to some might not affect others, Some common foods that can cause flatulence are lactose (milk), high fiber (salads, fruits), dals, legumes, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts) etc.

Q: Is it good to have soda after having a heavy meal?

A: After meal, it is always advisable to have a gap for at least 15-20 minutes even before drinking water. When it comes to soda it is not advisable to take soda as it allow the fats to freeze down in your food vessels. Instead doctors suggest to have Luke-warm lime water after a meal for good digestion.

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Hello Doctor, I usually get burps all day and not loud. Also, it pains in the chest post burp for a sec or 2. sometime it only feels as burp and I don't burp. Pls. help with reason and remedy.

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