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Gift Your Mum Energy Boosters This Mother's Day!

Gift Your Mum Energy Boosters This Mother's Day!

   Mums are on the toes from the time we are born and parenting is no doubt a rewarding job, but also very exhausting. No week off, no sick days, no holidays for mums and is on duty 24-7. Gift your mums a recharged energy tank for this Mother's Day. A few tips...

• Gobble a bottle of water- drink down a bottle of water in between your work. Mild dehydration can cause headache, fatigue and lack of energy even before you realize that you are thirsty!
• Bathing works- a cold shower in the middle of the day is very refreshing!
• "Bad mum"- it is okay to take a break from babysitting for a couple of minutes. Let the kids watch TV or play indoor games or go to sleep so that you can relax. By doing this, you and your kid will get personal time and space.
• Move your body- it is proven that regular exercise is more beneficial than a nap to boost the energy levels. Take a quick walk with your child or how about a race with your little one in the park? Or just stand up from your desk and stretch yourself or why not try dancing with your kid for a peppy number at home?
• Main meal for the day- breakfast is the main meal for the day. A cup of coffee or two is not enough to manage your notorious kids at home! Never skip breakfast as it is the main meal for the day and also an energy translator!
• Keep your sugar levels constant- do you grab a chocolate/a fruit juice when you feel drained but still crash after sometime? This is because the sugar levels fluctuate. Keep it constant by snacking on healthy foods in between meals like yogurt/fruits/cookies etc
• Freshen up- change your clothes, freshen up and keep your hair kempt. You need not have to wear a suit or a new dress but getting out of your baggy sweats will restore your energy levels.
• Sleep tight- may be eight hours' sleep isn't practical for a mother of young children, but five hours isn't sufficient. There is no quick cure for lack of sleep. So try sleeping an hour before your usual schedule to wake up with high energy levels.
• Quality time- it is very important to spend quality time with your kids. Play with them without a deadline or goal as this is the best energy booster for every mum.

Enjoy every bit of your motherhood...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...

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