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Hair Care during Pregnancy

Hair Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes with it. Due to this, there are many physical and emotional transformations going on. One of the most evident changes is the change in the hair of the pregnant woman.

Some might experience thickening of their previously thinner hair; for some, hair might suddenly start getting oily and wavy; all due to certain hormonal changes.

The pregnant lady has to change her hair care products according to the changes seen in texture, shine, thickness and length of her hair during this period. This can be done by consulting a dermatologist, who can prescribe the best type of products to suit the changed hair type.

Do not try any products on your own as far as possible. This might give you some side effects for which you anyway might need to consult a dermatologist.

Remember one thing, if your hair is changing during pregnancy, most of the time it goes back to its original (before pregnancy) form after delivery.

Take good care of your hair during this special phase of your life! Stay Beautiful!


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