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Hassles that are not so minor

Hassles that are not so minor

"Don't sweat the small stuff" is a common refrain

We become stressed for a number of reasons and there's a general consensus that major events in our lives contribute to this. But many of us feel the effects of stress daily, so it's clear that something must be causing this.

Daily hassles relate to the irritating, frustrating, distressing demands that characterize everyday transactions in the environment. It is those repeated, ongoing, chronic strains and the list of these stressors is endless. It is obvious that nobody leads a hassle-free life, but some of us get through them a little easier in comparison to others.

Common Daily Hassles

  • Paying bills
  • Traffic
  • Responsibilities
  • Dodging between home and work
  • Health issues
  • Loosing things
  • Unexpected arguments
  • Criticism at workplace
  • Financial concerns
  • Slow internet


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