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Have you reached a Weight Loss Plateau? Break it!

Have you reached a Weight Loss Plateau? Break it!

Did you lose weight initially when you started a new lifestyle regimen and now you notice that your weight is constant? Do not worry! Reaching a weight loss plateau is a common concern. Weight loss plateau is a state of attaining constant weight after losing weight initially when you are on a diet/new exercise regimen. Are you in the picture too? Read below to know how to break this plateau...

Why do you reach this plateau?

  • You hit a plateau because; initially your new weight loss regimen makes you lose water from your body along with fat.
  • It could also be due to inadequate exercise.
  • You are eating more than your Dietician asked you to eat.
  • You have lost lean tissue (muscle) along with fat which has slowed down your process of weight loss.

So, how do we break the plateau?

  • Prefer small and frequent meals and make sure you are not exceeding your calorie limits. Start using kitchen measures to weigh food so that you can follow the prescribed quantities.
  • Follow your Dietician's advice of drinking plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Drinking a glass of water before your favorite high calorie food can help you cut down your intake.
  • Keep a record of your daily exercise schedule and your diet. Any deviation from the prescribed diet chart can be rectified by this method.
  • Weight training is very important for weight loss. Also increase the duration of your exercises. Try a variety of exercises for better results.

It is all about bringing in small changes to your lifestyle. Bring in the change, be patient, and wait for the results!

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