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Health Tips Before You Plan for Pregnancy

Health Tips Before You Plan for Pregnancy

Eating well or making healthy dietary changes when you are planning to conceive will benefit your health in a big way.

These pre-pregnancy tips might help you:

1. Talk to your doctor: Talk to your doctor before you begin! Talk to her about your medical history. Talk to the doctor if you have had any surgeries and if that may affect pregnancy. Talk about your family medical history. Ask how diet and other lifestyle habits can affect fertility. Ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian who can help you with life style and dietary changes. If necessary, you can also meet a psychologist who can help you with techniques for keeping you calm.

2. Aim for a healthy weight: Being overweight can affect your pregnancy. Achieving an ideal body weight before you conceive will play a major role. You can talk to your doctor about being overweight and its effects on pregnancy. The best approach to lose weight or to maintain an ideal body weight is to have an ideal meal plan. A dietitian will consider all the factors and then plan an individualistic diet. You can also maintain a diet diary to keep an account on what you are eating for that day.

3. Stay physically active: Exercising before you get pregnant will make you fit and have a moderately active lifestyle. Exercise will keep you away from chronic pain/ache. It will also help in reducing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

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