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Home Care for Stress

Home Care for Stress

What relieves sStress relief is not the same for everyone. Making certain lifestyle changes is the best start.


Start Begin by adoptingwith eating a well-balanced, healthy diet as well as getting enough sleep and exercise,. Also, limit caffeine and alcohol intake and don't userefrain from using nicotine, cocaine, or other street drugs. Finding healthy, fun ways to cope with stress helps most people. You can learn and practice ways to help you relax. Adding a daily exercise regimen such as yoga, tai chi, or meditation would be highly efficient. Find out about yoga, tai chi, or meditation. Take breaks from work. Make sure to balance fun activities with your job and family duties. Schedule some leisure time every day. Spend time with people you enjoy, including your family. Trying learning to make things with your handsnew hobbies, craftwork, playing an instruments, or listening to music also greatly reduce stress. More importantly, Tthink about what might be giving you stress. Keep a diary of what is going on when you have these feelings. Thenfeelings. Then, find someone you trust who will listen to you. Often just talking to a friend or loved one is all that you need to feel better. Most areas also have support groups and hotlines that can help. Also, Aask your health care provider if any drugs or medicines you are taking can cause anxiety.



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