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Horner Syndrome

Horner Syndrome

Horner syndrome is a rare disorder caused by an interruption in the nerve fibers that start in the part of the brain called hypothalamus and travel to the eyes and face.

It's a sign of a medical problem such as spinal cord injury, tumor, cluster headaches, lung cancer in the apex of the lung or stroke and in some cases no underlying cause can be found. Rarely, Horner syndrome may be congenital.

The symptoms of Horner syndrome include:

• Drooping eyelid (Ptosis)

• Sinking of the eyeball into the face

• Reduced sweating on the affected area of the face (Anhidrosis)

• Decreased pupil size in the affected eye (Miosis)

• Swelling of the lower eyelid

• Each iris may be a different color

The treatment for this condition depends on the location and the cause of the lesion.

Contact your doctor if you have symptoms of Horner syndrome!

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