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How To Be A Supporting Father-To-Be?

How To Be A Supporting Father-To-Be?

Pregnancy is mostly associated with the mother. But, the truth is that it is not just the mother who needs to be actively involved. Men should take a special interest in this phase of pregnancy. He should involve himself by reading some e-articles or a book to her about pregnancy. Let her know that you also feel her joy and pain. In fact, some small gestures at this time, could make her feel special.

Here are some small steps you can take to support her:

1.Pay attention to her needs: You can't be pregnant, but you can participate by being an active observer. Let your wife know you're enjoying seeing her belly grow. Feel the baby's kick. Keep track of your baby's development during pregnancy; no doubt you'll be amazed!

2.Be there for her: Try to make it to at least some of your partner's many prenatal care appointments, and ask questions. Also, don't miss the chance to get a glimpse of your baby during an ultrasound. If your partner has an amniocentesis or other procedure to test for genetic defects, make sure you're there. Spend time walking or exercising together. Try to find ways to cut back on the hours you spend at your workplace, so you have more time at home together.

3.Get healthier: As your wife tries to modify her diet, give up alcohol, and drink more fluids, you can support her by sharing these lifestyle changes. Eliminate bad-for-baby foods that might tempt her. Cut down on or cut out alcohol yourself. Don't smoke.

4.Love her changing body: Take a photo of your wife at each month of pregnancy to record how her body changes. Understand, too, that as her pregnancy progresses, she may feel unattractive at times. Even if you think that she is, don't let on. Tell her she's beautiful.

5.Go the extra mile: Your wife may be intensely demanding. Go with it. The least you can do is shop for groceries, send her flowers, and indulge with her night craving foods.

6.Show her you are a great partner: Record music she wants to hear during her mood swings; prepare some distractions; and be ready to embrace her, soothe her and massage her, give her foods she likes.

7.Shop, talk, and make lots of decisions together: By the time your baby arrives, you and your partner should have bought a newborn wardrobe; prepared the nursery; settled on boy and girl options for your child's name; and determine whether to circumcise, breast-feed or bottle- feed, and use cloth or disposable diapers. Plan for a life insurance and a medical insurance. And you thought you had nothing to do??

Lastly, but most importantly, don't forget to buy her a gift she'll always remember. After all, she's about to give you a pretty incredible gift for a lifetime.


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