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How to Stay in Shape while Holidaying

How to Stay in Shape while Holidaying

Holidays are the time when you can indulge in parties and spend time with friends. Do you find it hard to keep your weight under control and fight temptations over a vacation?  There are ways to still stay in shape and be fit while holidaying by avoiding these common mistakes.

  • Do not starve. Appetite, temptations, and peer pressure will overpower your diet-conscious mind and make you want to eat more. So if you are giving in, always eat smaller portions of your favorite foods.
  • Excess alcohol will weaken your senses and you may not be able to recognize when you are full. You can avoid going overboard with holiday meals if you limit your alcohol to one serving.
  • Avoid emotional eating. Pursue other activities to keep yourself occupied.
  • Do not succumb to peer pressure and end up indulging in foods that you’re going to regret eating later. Eat sensibly.
  • Holiday definitely means getting up late, but never give up breakfast. Skipping breakfast will make you snack through the day and increase your calorie intake.
  • Calories from liquids like sweetened juices, alcohol, smoothies, coffee, and tea can contribute to weight gain. Switch to low-calorie drinks like coconut water, juices without sugar, and green tea.
  • Do not skip your snack; but remember to snack on healthy foods like fruits, dry fruits, and nuts.

Post-holiday crash diet will not help you compensate for that excess calories consumed during the holiday. So eat in moderation while holidaying. Burn that excess fat with morning walks, swimming, beachside basketball, and enjoy your vacation!

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