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How to be more efficient?

How to be more efficient?

Using time more efficiently is an important skill that we all can learn. After all, who doesn't want to figure out how to get more done or get things done more efficiently? Learning to be more efficient at home and at work will help you maximize your free time, making you more productive and satisfied.

Here are a few ways to be more efficient:

• Boost your energy by getting enough sleep, eating well and taking short breaks to walk or breathe.
• Make a list, not a schedule. Itemize things that you would like to accomplish including both professional and personal tasks.
• Prioritize in advance so that you won't harm your career and relationships
• Stop aiming for perfection as it often leads to poor relationships, procrastination, depression, low productivity, stress and anxiety.
• Eliminate distractions
• Don't say yes to every request. Many of us have a deep need to be liked which translates into us saying yes to everything which is often the end of best efficiency
• Focus on manageable, self-imposed deadlines and the task will naturally break down into manageable chunks.

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