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How to keep your brain sharp

How to keep your brain sharp

A sharp mind means the ability of a person to interpret, understand, analyze, or pick up an idea effectively and at good speed. Brain functions start to decline in the mid 20s, although you may notice it decades later. Just like other parts of your body, the brain also becomes more powerful by exercising it. Mental capacity and thinking power can be improved by doing some brain exercises. Brain exercises can sharpen one's mind and strengthen neural connections in the brain.

There are several activities that involve brain work and help improve brain power.

• Playing games like scrabble, chess and many others
• Solving puzzles and quizzes
• Making a few difficult charts and tables daily
• Trying to solve tricky problems given in newspapers and magazines
• Writing essays on different topics

Keep in mind that improving brain power is not possible in one day. It needs daily exercise and within a few days you will notice the change.

It's important that when you hear or read something or when you're working on something, make it a point that your thinking approach towards it should be adequate and precise. This can be done by:

• Thinking and analyzing the idea from every angle
• Getting into the depth of each idea
• Being alert

Additionally, it's also imperative to get ample amount of sleep and exercise daily.

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Good one

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I will try to keep above points in mind since am very bad remembering things.

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