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When you say I can, You can.

When you say I can’t, You can’t.

You are right both ways.

In today’s stressful environment, it is always easy to fall prey to negative thinking. If your thinking is negative, your actions will be doubtful, uncertain, and lack power and vigor. Negative thoughts give rise to feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism. They can drain you of energy and can prevent you from living in the moment. On the other hand, if you’re thinking is positive, your actions will be assured, powerful, rigorous, and focused. It is believed that whatever the situation, the way you think about it and perceive it will affect the way you choose to deal with it.

Choosing the right way to deal with tough situations is important to lead your thoughts in a positive direction. They are interdependent. For example, coping with the death of your loved one leaves you alone, helpless, and distressed. It is a terrible situation. After a certain period of time, one comes to terms with it and starts thinking about ways to live effectively. Such people believe that no matter what, life must goes on. However, there can be another, who continues to believe that life is terrible and now there is nothing that can make life go on.

The situation remains the same, but the actions of the individuals change. How you think about a situation and it's outcome is the crux of the matter.

Thinking "I cannot do this, it’s difficult" will ensure that you won't even try, while thinking "I can probably manage it though it’s difficult" gives you a chance to succeed. What is it that you want? Success or failure?

Remember, positive thinking makes you push yourself beyond your potential. So, think positive!

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5 Months ago