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Ice bucket challenge

Ice bucket challenge

It was all over the internet and social media as celebrities posted videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge they took up. And what is it all about? The Ice Bucket Challenge is an effort to create awareness of a condition termed as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This is a disorder of the nervous system characterized by continuous degeneration of the brain and spinal cord cells observed in 2 out of every 1 lakh individuals. ALS is not region, age, or gender specific and can happen to anyone anywhere.

There are several associated symptoms of ALS and the life expectancy is extremely low. The disorder became well known after the US baseball player; Pete Frates was diagnosed of ALS. He described what he felt like experiencing the manifestations of this condition. He said it felt like what it would feel while pouring a bucket full of ice cold water over one’s self. That marked the start of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

So what is the challenge like? Someone who is tagged will take up the challenge by pouring a bucket full of ice cold water over himself/herself and donate 10 US dollars towards fund raising for the victims of this condition or to the cancer foundation. He/she will have to post a video of the same and tag three other people. If the tagged individuals do not accept the challenge, they donate 100 US dollars instead.

The challenge had gone viral and is known to be the most popular awareness-cum-fund raiser that has ever happened.

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5 Months ago