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If You Wish To Run Cross-Country...

If You Wish To Run Cross-Country...

Yesterday, I got an email announcing a cross country run on January 09, 2011.  Interested?  Read on...

"A cross country run in Panchkula (which is a twin city of Chandigarh), awaits you. The route is along the Ghaggar river, out of town, and winds through a flat trail - scenic and cold and fun - basically - a pretty cool run", is what the email read. 

If you're interested check out the details on http://runningandliving.com/PanchkulaMarathonandHalf/ and register before 20th December, 2010. 

Health-wise, running is a great way to keep fit.  But do ensure you're in the pink of health before embarking on a rigorous exercise.  If you plan to run outdoors, be well equipped.

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