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Indoor exercises for the summer season

Indoor exercises for the summer season

When summers hit, workout freaks find alternative ways to stay fit and agile. Some of the interesting indoor exercises fit for the summer season are:

1. Aerobics: Moving your body to peppy music has proved to be quite effective in not 
Only melting the extra body fat but also in refreshing your mind.
2. Zumba: The new craze among fitness freaks, Zumba is a holistic workout that will 
surely keep you fit and happy.
3. Pilates: It’s a form of exercise to build strength in your core muscles for better 
posture, balance and flexibility.
4. Tai Chi: This martial arts variant has a number of movements and postures which 
can help you stay fit and healthy. It also helps beat the stress.
5. Yoga: The most popular workout of Indian origin, yoga has loads to offer in terms of 
physical and mental health.
6. Swimming: It’s a Good way to keep your body cool in summer. It provides an 
effective workout for most of the body parts. 

But  If you are an outdoor person , want to  exercise outdoors in hot weather. Here are few tips that will help you to beat the summer heat  and making the most out of your summer workouts.

Tips for exercising outdoors

1. Stay Hydrated 
2. Wear light colored and light weighted cotton clothes 
3. Start slow 
4. Eat right
5. Listen to your body 
6. Avoid the hottest part of the day -Workout in early morning or late     evening 
7. Don’t forget sunscreen

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