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Is your child a fussy eater?

Is your child a fussy eater?

Is your child a fussy eater? And, are you the parent that is constantly worried about this? You may be under the assumption that your child cannot grow if he/she does not eat, but if your child's growth and development is normal or near normal, obviously your child is eating adequately.

Most parents believe that their children should eat as much as they do, or at least to their satisfaction. Overfeeding your child to satisfy your emotions can only lead to excess weight and associated problems in the future. Feed your child when he/she is hungry and asks for food. Your child is more likely to eat healthy foods when you adhere to their schedule rather than when you feed when they are feeling little or no hunger.

Sometimes a child can make a fuss about eating because of boredom. Use your culinary skills to make new dishes and present them in a colorful and attractive manner. Children might also neglect food when they have physical or physiological discomfort. Meet a pediatrician to rule out any minor health problems which might possibly be restricting their appetite.

Also, involve your child in the shopping and cooking process. He/she will show much more interest towards eating if you do. Finally, it's important for parents to be good examples to their kids.Follow a disciplined and healthy lifestyle and your child will imbibe healthy habits by watching you!

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