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Is your child a fussy veggie eater?

Is your child a fussy veggie eater?

Carrot sticks are not your child's favorite snack? Don't worry here a few tips on how you can make your child eat the veggies!

• Add finely chopped mushrooms, grated carrots, sliced onions to their pasta & noodles.

• Add chopped onions & tomatoes to the omelet mixture or scrambled egg.

• Grate some carrots to your idli or dosa batter.

• Boil the spinach (palak), puree it and knead the dough with the puree to make green chapati. You can try the same with carrot to make orange chapati.

• You could also try tricolor puri/chapati with carrot dough for orange, regular dough mixed with equal quantities of maida (refined flour) for white & palak dough for green.

• Make a soup with mix vegetables, baby corn and green peas. You could cook & puree the veggies also.

• Make a delicious dip from, low-fat yogurt, pudina (mint) paste, & few chopped coriander leaves and serve it with crispy baked potatoes and crunchy carrot sticks.

• Stuff your bhindi with a mixture of spices, roasted onion paste (to make it dry), lime juice & salt with a base of besan (channa flour) to make it ‘chat-pata'.

• Make stuffed baked potatoes with sweet corn, spring onions & red & yellow capsicum.

• Make a vegetable cutlet with beetroot, potato, carrots & onions. Add some soya flakes to this to make it chunky. Make different shapes of the cutlet & roll them over bread crumbs before frying to make it crisp & nice.

• Make a mixed vegetable filling and stuff the chapati/roti with this.

• You could also make chapati & roll vegetable mixture in it with some grated cheese and serve with the curd dip.

• For a healthy after-school snack, top a slice of whole-grain bread with sliced tomato, sliced mushrooms and sliced baby corn, sprinkle with a little grated cheese and microwave till the cheese melts.

• Slice cauliflower, ladies finger, potato, capsicum, raw banana into thin long slices, add salt & leave it aside for a while. Then roll them over a mixture of rava (sooji), rice flour & red chilly powder and shallow fry to get crispy vegetables.
I hope these simple tips will help you include good amount vegetables

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