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It Ain't Poison

It Ain't Poison

Alcohol isn't harmful if consumed in moderation. Knowing when and how much would help.

To Your Health

  • Get the quantity right. Hard liquor should be 60 ml 3-4 times a week, wine 2-3 goblets. Half this quantity for women.
  • Get the rhythm right. It takes one hour for the liver to absorb one drink. Enjoy your drink slowly.
  • Don't binge. No drinking on weekdays and having 4-5 or more large drinks on the weekend can damage your heart and liver and raise your risk of cancer. More so, if you smoke with your drink.
  • Say no if pregnant. Pregnant women or those trying for a baby should avoid alcohol, as it decreases the chances of getting pregnant and increases the risk of miscarriages. In men, it lowers sperm count. It should also be avoided by women who are breast-feeding, as it can pass through the breast milk into the child's body.
  • Load up on supplements. Alcohol depletes the body of vital nutrients. A multivitamin supplement, B-complex (B3, B6, and B12), vitamin C and calcium are essential if you drink moderately.
  • Folate (Vitamin B) is essential. If you drink regularly, 600 mg of folate is needed to negate risk of cancer associated with drinking, especially if you smoke too.
  • If you don't drink, there's no need to start. You can get similar benefits with exercise and healthier eating.

Reproduced from Outlook Business's Wellness Column by Rachna Chhachhi

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