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Katrina Kaif's Weight Loss Secrets!

Katrina Kaif's Weight Loss Secrets!

Katrina Kaif, the most popular girl of B-town, has stunned each one of us with her perfect body! We definitely are eager to know what diet and exercise routine she followed for that perfect body.

Here are some of the exercises that helped her in weight loss:

Yoga: Katrina would practice yoga weekly twice. She would concentrate more on yoga that helped her tone her body and reduce the fat around the waist and hip area. Suryanamaskara was a part of her yoga routine that she would do 15-17 times daily.
Swimming: This is one important regime that Katrina would never skip. She would swim daily for an hour.
Jogging: Jogging for 40-50 minutes a day has helped Katrina to burn fat over all is what she says.
Gym: As she could not find time to go to the gym daily, she would do it weekly thrice. She would do a combination of floor exercises and cardio that helped her reduce her over all body fat to a great extent.
Isoplank: This exercise is mainly used for reducing abdominal fat. This exercise is done by lying face down on a soft mat with the forearms under your chest and hands clasped together. Place your feet about a fist-width apart. Curl your toes under you and push up onto your forearms. Your back should be straight and your abs engaged (suck them in). Squeeze your buttock muscles too. Hold this for 60 seconds. Katrina says she does it whenever she finds time for about 20 minutes in a day.
Meditation for 20 minutes a day was another important part of her regimen.

Diet also forms a very important factor in weight loss. Her weight loss diet program had a balanced plan that gave her all the nutrients needed for good health. Below is a sample of what her meals comprised of. Apart from this, healthy snacks too were included in her diet.

Breakfast: Brown Bread (4) with peanut butter (1tbsp), 1 glass low fat milk (250ml), 2 boiled eggs-white portions only. Pancakes when traveling with milk and eggs
Lunch: Green dressed salad (1 plate), brown rice (1 cup - 100g), grilled fish (100g)
Dinner: Boiled chicken (100g), roti (1), raw carrots (1cup - 100g) and curd (1 cup)

Guidelines that Katrina followed:

1. Avoids deep fried and shallow fried foods.
2. Avoids starch food - foods that are less in fiber.
3. Never skips exercise and follows a good diet regime

Our take on Katrina's diet:

Her exercise regime is very practical and reveals that she had a combination of all kinds of exercises with the right procedure. Sources say this is her routine till date. So, the results are as expected. It is said that Katrina is very dedicated towards her exercises and never skips even a single day. So, if you are expecting good weight loss, the very first thing is being dedicated towards it. Talking about her diet, the diet mentioned here is just the routine that she follows on one of the days. Her dietitian has changed her diet according to her needs and exercises. Brown bread is a source of carbohydrate which can be substituted with ragi, jowar, wheat etc. mint/dhal chutney/cooked vegetables in the form of sabzi would do well instead of peanut butter. Milk and egg can be continued. Salad can be anything like carrot, radish, tomato, cucumber, onion, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli etc. Grilled fish is the form of protein, and dhal/chicken/egg can be substituted in grilled/boiled form. Roti need not be only from wheat, it can also be made from ragi/rice/jowar/bajra.

Having said this, I would want to conclude saying that a good exercise regimen and a strict diet is the best recipe to good health. Contact your dietitian today to get a personalized diet prescription from her. Achieve healthy weight loss with the perfect balance!


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