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Khandani Rajdhani - An Express Train Menu!

Khandani Rajdhani - An Express Train Menu!

I had been to Khandani Rajdhani for the first time having heard of some good reviews from my friends. The restaurant took me by surprise with their wide variety of foods and their unique manner of greeting and serving guests. It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves authentic Rajasthani and Gujarathi food. It is spread across India and is famous for its thali (full plate meals) culture.

The menu is absolutely mouth watering with different types of Indian breads like dal bhati (unleavened bread and onion fillings), Khoba Roti, Puran Poli and Paneer parathas. They have a variety of vegetable and pulse dishes to accompany these breads. Certain sweets that are specialties in Rajasthan like rabdi (sweet dish made from yogurt) and sukhdi (sweet made from wheat flour, ghee and jaggery) along with the popular sweet dishes like rasgulla, jamoon, strawberry lassi, gulkand and halwa make the meal anyones favorite! All these meals are served in a wink of an eye. They claim to serve 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies. Khandani Rajdhani also caters food for parties and meal boxes for employees.

Having spoken about the variety and taste of this meal, have you wondered what it costs on your belly? Here are the facts. If you eat one complete thali in the quantities served by them, you could easily add up an average of 1700 to 2000 calories that are contributed by about 31 dishes. The calories would differ according to the type of menu served as the amount of oil, ghee and certain ingredients may vary. For some individuals who have a great appetite, an extra serving of any of the foods can further increase the calorie intake. However, for some who cant finish a meal, the number of calories will automatically be lesser. The amount of calories one needs in a meal depends on factors like the physical activity of the person, an occasional thali meal can be of no harm.

To conclude, for vegetarians looking for a different kind of cuisine, Khandani Rajdhani can be a good choice for a change. The experience at the restaurant is different and the style of service is commendable.

One thing to remember: Just because the food is unlimited, dont overdo it! Your tummy may not take it well! Happy meal! If you have a recipe that you would like to make healthy, click on the "recipe makeover" option under tools to get a healthy makeover!


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