Kill your Libido Killers!!!

  • 100 Months ago
Kill your Libido Killers!!!

Is your sex drive in park? Have you or your partner lost interest in sex? Read below to know a few common libido killers...

• It is not just stress at your work place that can affect your sex life but stress due to finances or health issues in family could also be the reasons!
• Unresolved relationship issues like arguments, poor communication, and betrayal are a few barriers to sex. Talk it out to resolve it.
• Alcohol is known to numb your sex drive. Know your limits and if it is draining your libido, it is time to stay away from it.
• Factors that interfere with your sleep also interferes your sex drive. Too little sleep creates fatigue that kills your libido. Ensure enough sleep to keep your sex drive high.
• When kids are around and you are too busy with parenthood, your libido takes a back seat! How about a baby sitter to take care of your younger one?
• A few medications like antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medications, chemotherapy, anti-HIV drugs can be the sex drive killers. Talk to your Doctor to change the dosages or prescribe a different drug!
• Your sex drive shifts into park if you have a low self-esteem due to your body image. It is time to work on your weakness and pump up your self esteem.
• Obesity may also be a sex drive killer as it can bring down the sexual pleasure and the performance due to low self esteem, social stigma or unsatisfactory relationships. However, the reason is still unclear.
• Erectile dysfunction in men can drain their sex drive due to low self esteem.
• Reduced testosterone levels with ageing also bring down the sex drive in men! Menopause in women also is a sex drive killer. Understand the changes in the body as you age and make sure physical appearance doesn't affect your sex drive! Let the love and affection in the relationship rule your sex drive.
• Too little intimacy kills sex drive. Express affection without having sex to improve the relationship. This improves the libido in both the partners.