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Kleptomania is a serious mental disorder in which an individual has an irresistible urge to steal that one generally doesn't need and usually has little value. Most people with kleptomania live lives of shame because they're afraid to seek mental health treatment. Unlike shoplifters, people with this disorder don't steal for personal gain or for revenge. They steal simply because their urge is too powerful that they can't resist it. The symptoms of Kleptomania include:

• Increased tension leading to theft
• Strong urges to steal items that you don't need
• Feeling pleasure while stealing
• Feeling guilt or shame after theft

The exact cause of this condition is unknown. But there are numerous theories that suggest that it could be linked to problems with the brain chemicals. More research is required to better understand the causes of Kleptomania. If left untreated, this disorder can result in severe emotional, financial and legal problems.

Note: Kleptomania is a mental health condition and not a character flaw.

Many people with Kleptomania don't want to seek help because they're afraid they'll be arrested or even jailed. Keep in mind that a mental health professional will help you gain control over your kleptomania.

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