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Know More about Perinatal Stroke

Know More about Perinatal Stroke

Did you know that a stroke can strike a child even before birth?

Perinatal strokes can happen during the last few months of pregnancy and up to a month after the baby is born. Though the cause for this is unknown, some risk factors that may lead to stroke include:

• Congenital heart disease
• Disorders of the placenta
• Blood clotting disorders
• Infections like meningitis

Warning Signs & Symptoms:

Early signs of perinatal stroke in a newborn include:

• Repetitive twitching of the face, arm, or leg
• Pauses in breathing associated with staring

Early signs of stroke in developing children include:

• Decreased movement or weakness on one side of the body
• Particular hand preference or consistent use of only one hand to reach out for things (specifically observed before the age of one).


Time plays a crucial role in treating a perinatal stroke. As soon as you see the warning sign get your child evaluated and treated. If diagnosed early, the rehabilitation treatment can start while the brain is still young and growing.

So don't delay; act fast as your child's future is in your hands.


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