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Know When It's Time To Change Your Job

Know When It's Time To Change Your Job

Have you been feeling as though you don't fit in at the office anymore?

Are you constantly stressed?

While there are some people who can see the signs clearly when it's time to leave their job, there are others who remain unaware of the signals when it's time to move out!

Your job could cause numerous detrimental effects to your health. For many, chronic job stability or facing unemployment is a particular concern that impacts their mental health.

Many employees reflect on a regular basis to ensure their job aligns with their long-term goals and if the two aren't aligned, they often make several adjustments to keep things on track.

Here are a few signs that your job isn't a good fit for you anymore and it's time for you to consider how you can either improve issues or think about leaving:

• You feel wretched every morning       

  • You're constantly stressed, negative, or unhappy at work

• You dislike the people you work with 

• Your work related stress is affecting your physical health

• Your work performance is suffering 

• You don't have a good work-life balance anymore

• Your skills are not being valued

• Your job is affecting your personal life

• Your job duties seem to have changed or increased but the pay hasn't

• Your ideas are not being heard • You feel bored and stagnated at your job

• You find yourself awake at night with an anxious feeling, replaying conversations

• You're experiencing verbal abuse, sexual harassment or other illegal behavior

"Life is too short to spend time doing work that you don't enjoy. Acknowledging that it might be time for you to leave is the first step towards finding a job that is in alignment with your skills and interests. Finding courage is the next step, but before you do so, ensure that you plan an effective exit strategy!"

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