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Know Your Fashion Tips During Pregnancy

Know Your Fashion Tips During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, it's easy to forget about yourself and begin to feel that you are losing your glowing appearance especially in the third trimester as all the nutrients are taken by the growing baby. The face looks pale, dull with dark circles under the eyes. It is not what you actually think. To look pretty and beautiful during pregnancy, read through these beauty and fashion tips:

Simple tips on the outfits-

  1. When building your maternity clothing wardrobe, remember to stick to important clothing pieces. Try to avoid synthetics and go for basic kinds like stretchable jeans, pants, skirts, loose and comfortable fitting clothing with accessories like shawls, scarves, stoles etc.
  2. Do not go for tight clothes especially around your stomach or legs, as they can make you feel delicate.
  3. Depending on your style, from 4 months and onwards, wear clothes that cling to your bump (as long as they are not tight). Maternity clothes should fit well and flatter your curves. Do not try and hide your curves with shapeless, baggy clothes.


Despite whatever new colors are in season, classic black is always the top color for stylish clothing. It is impossible not to look great in black.

Hair styling tips- Many pregnant women look for hair styles that will slim the face, especially once you have hit your second and third trimesters. Get to know your hair styles for your face:

  1. Avoid very short or very long hairstyles. The ultra short cuts or long hairstyles can make your face look fuller and emphasize your changing body shape.
  2. Try parting your hair off the side, instead of in the middle. A middle part adds to the roundness of your face.
  3. Cut your hair in long layers to give you added height and body at the root of your hair.
  4. Keep your hair in a loose high ponytail. This will give you a slimmer look.

This is always a million dollar question during pregnancy- Should you color your hair? It is always recommend that the pregnant woman talk to his/her doctor and get their opinion.

General Tips - Don't quit the makeup completely. You could have some natural, light eye make up if you wish. It will make you look fresh and bright. Use a cleanser and toner for your face. You can apply homemade face packs like fruits and skin peels, gram flour, curds etc to get the glow and clear skin.
Apply  either a sunscreen or a moisturizer before stepping out into the sun or the harsh cold weather.

A manicure or a pedicure during pregnancy will make you feel emotionally and physically better.

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