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Know your Man's Needs; Strengthen your Relationship!

Know your Man's Needs; Strengthen your Relationship!

Most men are introverts. They do not express their feelings-good or bad! So it is time you understand your man's unsaid words to know him better and strengthen your relationship. Below are a few secrets of men as told by Psychologists who study gender roles:

• It is easier for your man to talk about his feelings indirectly. So ask him what he felt about you when he met you for the first time or what his idea about a romantic weekend is.
• He wouldn't come to you and say that he loves you. But he says it through his actions like cleaning up the house for you or fixing up things around the house to make your world a better place.
• Men undoubtedly take a longer time to get into a relationship as they take their commitments seriously.
• If he isn't saying ‘yes' or ‘okay' or ‘I see' whenever you are talking, do not be mad at him, as he is silently listening and thinking about what you are saying.
• Men like sharing their activities with their partners to strengthen their relationship. So the next time he calls you to watch his favorite sport or an action movie, it is just his way of bonding with you!
• If he wants to go out for a bike ride with his friends or wants to sweat out in the gym, give him his space and time. You can also pamper your body when he is not around.
• Before getting committed with your man, see his father. A man behaves the same in a relationship as his father does!
• Do not dwell on previous fights or arguments as men forget negative emotions faster, unlike women.
• Your man is too innocent to understand subtle signals like facial expressions or tone changes. It is better to put your feelings in words than through your actions.
• He loves it when you appreciate him. So next time he does the dishes or cleans the toilets, do not forget to appreciate and thank him. It means a lot to him.
• Men do fantasize about sex more than women because it plays a significant role for them in a relationship. He also loves it when you initiate it and he would love to please you! It is not just you who is self conscious of physical appearance, but men also go through performance anxiety. So help him relax and make the best of the time you are spending with him!
• Try meeting his needs as he looks for your love and appreciation. If not, he will either bury himself with his work or get fixed to his sports or gizmos or may even cheat!
• He has vested his trust in you. He understands he will lose a lot if he loses the relationship he shares with you. So if you put the extra effort to keep your relationship going, he will also work towards it.

You not only share a relationship with him but also your life! Do the best to get the best...


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