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Lamaze, Confident Birthing!

Lamaze, Confident Birthing!

The "Lamaze" is a method, or more of an education class on child birth, breathing and relaxation techniques for both parents to be. The term "Lamaze" comes from its founder, Dr Fernand Lamaze, who introduced the first Lamaze class in France in the year 1951.

A lady by name Marjorie Karmel who was benefitted from his classes, wrote about her childbirth experience in a book Thank you, Dr Lamaze. This book inspired many new parents to approach him to seek guidance on childbirth.

Later, Dr Lamaze, along with his close supporters started a non-profit organization, which is now known as Lamaze International. This organization is composed of health professionals and educators in the field of childbirth.

Benefits of attending a Lamaze class:
• Lamaze is based on different birth practices that are evidence based.
• It is supported by experienced child birth educators.
• Lamaze teaches natural pain reliving techniques during labor.
• Lamaze guides you with the benefits and limitations of different birthing techniques
• Lamaze makes you aware of how your body is designed for natural birth and empowers you to work with natural abilities.
• Lamaze teaches and encourages the bonding of mother and baby.

If you are planning to join a Lamaze class, well, go ahead. It builds confidence and empowers you during pregnancy and birth. It is definitely recommended for ‘first time parents'.

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