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Laugh Your Stress Away

Laugh Your Stress Away

Laughter is called the 'best medicine' probably because it's a great stress buster.  I had watched the duo of the popular teleserial "Whose Line Is It Anyway" performed to a packed audience in Bangalore, They had everyone bending over with laughter.  I'm pretty sure the audience were completely stress-free for those 2 hours at least and many felt quite upbeat long after the show was over.

Why is it important to laugh?  Laughter makes the brain release endorphins (the feel good hormones) which elevate the mood and help to relieve stress.  It also helps to boost the immune function and release muscular tension.  Researchers have reported a positive relation between laughter and healthy functioning of blood vessels.  Laughter Yoga (aka Hasya Yoga) which involves self-triggered laughter and breathing, is said to bring in more oxygen to the body and brain. 

There are laughter clubs and groups all over the world, and World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first sunday in the month of May. 

Laugh your blues away!  Laugh with your family and friends!!  Watch a comedy show and laugh for better health!!!

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