Lung Health

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Lung Health

The lungs are a pair of cone-shaped, soft, spongy, pinkish organs. Each day you take about 23000 breaths. They play a vital role in the body's "waste disposal", "cleansing" or "toxin removals" department.
Pollution, tobacco and dietary intakes are common influencing factors for lung health or disease. Common infections of the lungs include pneumonia and tuberculosis. Lung cancer and emphysema can be caused in smokers.

1. Wheezing
2. Chronic Cough
3. Dyspnoea [Breathlessness]
4. Frequent Flu [Fever]
5. Haemoptysis [Coughing Blood]
6. Inflammation
7. Pain
8. Unexpected Weight loss
9. Rashes [Skin Rashes]


• Keep your surroundings clean.
• Don't use tobacco in any form.
• Avoid passive smoking (second-hand smoke).
• Eat healthy; especially lots of fruits and vegetables.
• Antioxidants have a protective effect on lung health; get them through natural foods.
• Some foods can trigger an allergic reaction or an asthma attack in susceptible persons; common triggers are milk, eggs, nuts and fatty foods. Watch what you eat.
• Exercise regularly; if possible where there's a lot of greenery around you.
• Deep breathe for 5 to 10 minutes daily, preferably early in the morning; if you know Pranayama, practice it regularly.
• Avoid air pollution to the extent possible.
• If you have a respiratory infection or breathing difficulty, do not self-medicate; consult your doctor. If you suffer from respiratory allergies, consult an allergy specialist or a pulmonologist (lung specialist).
• Excess weight can affect your breathing pattern; maintain normal weight.

Did you know?
The surface area of the lungs is roughly the same size as a Tennis Court