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Wellness Team - Does KZ lotion help to reduce hair fall?
Anil Abraham - No. It treats a scaly scalp with fungal infection.

WT - I have oily hair and my hair falls when I wash it. Please suggest a good shampoo.
AA - Wash more often with a mild shampoo like Anaphase. Eat healthy - sprouts, palak, etc for vegetarians and fish for non-vegetarians. WT - Please consult the dietitian for a detailed diet plan.

WT - Please suggest a shampoo for dandruff problem.
AA - Triatop suspension or 8 X shampoo are mild and can be used once a week.

WT - How do I prevent gray hair at young age?
AA - Some part is genetic. Healthy hair roots lead to dark healthy hair. So eat healthy, a biotin supplement with calcium pantothenate, and avoid unnecessary environmental pollution. WT - You can consult the dietitian to find out foods rich in biotin and calcium, and for a proper diet program.

WT - Which shampoos in the market are good for hair?
AA - Difficult question to answer. Shampoo depends on the type of hair and scalp of an individual. You need to consult with your doctor.

WT - My nine year old daughter experiences a lot of hair fall. I oil her hair regularly and wash it once a week. I've used Shikha since childhood. Do I need to get her hair problem checked?
AA - Yes, definitely. A child losing hair is not to be taken lightly.

WT - Please explain how to keep hair healthy, shiny, long and thick.
AA - Good health, good nutrition, and good genes! Avoid perming, straightening and coloring. Avoid harsh dandruff shampoos and hair dryers.

WT - I'm balding near the forehead. Please suggest a remedy.
AA - You need to consult a trichologist and get a trichogram done with detailed analysis of your hair problem. It is not something that can be done casually.

WT - Does hair fall occur due to change in water? Sometimes I face itchy scalp. What is the remedy?
AA - Hard water can coat hair and make it brittle. Lead levels in water can damage hair roots. Itchy scalp can be due to a fungal infection or allergy. It needs evaluation.

WT - Can we use shampoo regularly instead of bathing soap?
AA - Shampoo is definitely better than soap for the hair. Soap leaves residues and damages hair.

WT - Does shaving the head help in hair growth?
AA - No, not true.....this is a popular myth!!

Thanks again for valuable inputs to -

Dr. Anil Abraham MD FAAD (Stanford, USA)
Consultant Dermatologist and Trichologist
Professor & Head of Dermatology - St. John's Medical College

Abraham's Skin & Hair Clinic
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080-22261560 or 9844166226 for appointments.


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