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Make Your Long Term Relationship Exciting Again

Make Your Long Term Relationship Exciting Again

I'm sure most of us in a long term relationship would remember our initial days as new lovers or newlyweds and miss the spark and spice we had in our life. It is quiet natural that this spark reduces over a period of time as we tend to take up more and more responsibilities of family life or career. But, what we do not know is between the responsibilities we have taken up; we have forgotten the importance of love and sex in keeping a relationship healthy and going.

Here are a few tips that you may try to bring the much needed spark back into your relationship.
Make time for each other. Plan at least one day in a month where you can leave behind your worries and talk about each other, appreciate each other and go back the memory lane to relish it again.
Teasing and flirting is the best way to break the ice. The flirting glances and the teasing laughter would in itself do most of the foreplay.
Pay more attention to dressing up. Consider your spouse's likes and take that extra effort to impress your spouse all over again.
Send romantic messages or mails or letters on a specific day of the week or month which would be of significance to you or your spouse or partner, like the day your partner proposed to you or your monthly anniversary.
Make your partner feel he is important to you and you care for him through simple gestures like a quick peck on the cheek or holding hands which would make him realise that you are still physically attracted to him.
The concept of planned sex works for some partners. If it works for you, then make an effort to get into the right mind frame by having romantic conversations all day.

Give your partner your 100 per cent to make her feel ‘he still wants me the way he wanted me when we started our relationship' or ‘She's still mine'. That is when you know you have spiced it up again.

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