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Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Dressed up in your new outfit only to feel low about your thin lips, dark circles and scant eyebrows? Here are a few tips on how you can make them look better.

For droopy eyes:
• Go half way with the eye, lifting the eyeliner straight and outwards the eyebrow as opposed to going along the eye shape. Apply a light shimmer in the corner of your eye which will open up and make them look bigger.
• Curl your eye lashes with an eye lash curler and apply lengthening mascara which would make them look less droopy
• Apply a light eye shadow on the lip and under the eyebrows to highlight your eyes and give it a better look.

Conceal those dark circles:
• Use a colour corrective concealer with a yellowish tinge
• Apply the concealer with your fingertips lightly patting it outwards.
• Use a desired foundation all over the face including the concealed area.

For thin lips:
• Use a lip plumper before applying a lipstick
• Outline your lips with a lip lining pencil a tone darker than your lip colour and apply a lighter shade which is glossy.

For thin eyebrows:
• Avoid using dark brown or black eyebrow pencil as the strokes are very hard and unnatural. Instead, use a medium brown eye shadow with a thin brush.
• Apply it lightly and paint the stroke in.


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