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Manage time While Commuting

Manage time While Commuting

Commuting is one thing which everyone does almost every day, be it commuting to work, to a friend's or family's place or anywhere else. Commuting can take up a big chunk of your time and day especially if your workplace is far off from your home. Here are a few tips to manage your time better while commuting:

• Avoid peak hours especially if you have to travel long distance. If you have flexible work timings, you can leave early both to and from work.
• If you travel by public transport, use the time to do something productive. You can even cultivate a hobby.
• Carpool with your friends and colleagues. You will end up getting ready on time and you will have company too.
• Have a fixed time to leave home and work.
• If you have an option of working from home, take it occasionally and skip commute altogether.
• You can make use of the time to do not-so-important and time taking tasks like returning phone calls.

Time is important to each one of us. Use it in the best way possible and manage it efficiently.


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