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Managing Psoriasis

Managing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a long-term skin disease that causes scaling and inflammation. Everything from the temperature of your shower to the fit of your clothing can trigger a reaction. Hence, it's important to take care to prevent and treat outbreaks.

Here's what you can do to ease living with psoriasis:

Keep your skin moist: It's important to use a moisturizer as dry skin makes irritation and itchiness caused by psoriases worse.
Bathe, but be cautious: Avoid hot water as it can irritate the skin, bathe in lukewarm water.
Stop smoking: People who smoke at least a pack a day are twice as likely to suffer severe psoriasis as those who smoke less
Eat a well-balanced diet: Exclude food that irritates symptoms and maintain a healthy weight
Wear clothes made of natural fibers: Natural fibers are soothing for the skin. 

Talk to a therapist

People with psoriasis often feel frustrated, develop low self-esteem or anxiety about their daily routine and may give up things they enjoyed due to embarrassment and physical discomfort caused by this condition.

Remember that lifestyle changes can make a difference in how well you live with psoriasis!

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