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Mobile Phone Ergonomics

Mobile Phone Ergonomics

Mobile phones are something which everyone, including children, use on a daily basis and throughout the day. We give a lot of importance to our postures while standing, sitting, using the computer or laptop etc but we never give a thought to how we should use our mobile phones. The wrong ergonomics while using cellphones can lead to musculoskeletal stress.

Here are some tips to prevent injury caused due to the wrong posture while using cellphones:

• Keep your back straight while texting. Hold the phone in front of your eyes to avoid bending your neck and slouching.
• While texting, avoid using your thumb for typing. Hold the phone in one hand and use the other hand's index finger for typing.
• Keep your wrists relaxed and straight while using the phone. Avoid bending it in either of the 2 directions.
• Use your finger pads and not the nails for typing as this keeps the fingers in the right position.
• Avoid using your phones for a long period of time.
• Fist your palm and then stretch your fingers regularly while using cellphones.
• Opt for a QWERTY keypad phone as this minimizes the number of times your press the keys.
• While talking over the phone, always hold the phone in your hand. Do not use your shoulders for supporting the phone.
• Use earphones/hands free if you have to talk over the phone for a long time.
• Avoid using your phone for e-mails, reading etc and opt for a laptop instead.
• Do regular neck and shoulder stretches if your work involves constant use of phones.

Keep these simple things in mind and make the changes necessary to avoid musculoskeletal stress . It can go a long way in keeping you fit!


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