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Motherhood - A Beautiful Journey

Motherhood - A Beautiful Journey

A mother is the one who lends herself to the birth of a child and grows the child to be a confident person. Gone are the days when the role of women was limited to being a mother and wife, who dedicated her energy and time in taking care of her family and home. Mothers have historically fulfilled the primary role in raising children, but in the past century, they have also been supporting the family not only morally but financially too.

Motherhood is a platter of different roles

Pregnancy is the beginning of motherhood. You have a small fetus growing inside your body and you will experience a lot of changes. The period of pregnancy sees changes right from the first day. In the first three months, your body adapts to a new life with hormonal changes that may make your life different. The second and the third trimesters take you through several physical and emotional changes. Your body demands more nutrition and positive attention. Throughout your pregnancy, there are changes, some of them that can overwhelm you with happiness, and some of them that can make pregnancy difficult. But, motherhood is so magical that you begin to accept all these changes with warmth.

The role of being a mother of an infant is a challenging one. She may have sleepless nights, and a busy morning to manage the baby. And if she is a working mom, then her routine would be more difficult as she has to meet her targets at work too. In the process of these roles, it is important that mothers take care of their health too. Working mothers can try joining yoga lessons and exercise at home to keep them stress free and physically fit.

A mother of a school goer: This phase has a different challenge. At this stage mothers play the role of a mentor by taking care of the overall development with respect to education, health and mental well-being. Children need a lot of motivation during these years. A mother plays a very significant role in motivating and shaping up the child's personality and confidence level.

A mother of an adult: An adult would go through lot of changes physically and emotionally. Hormones also play their trick when children are entering adulthood. As a mother, a woman should be balanced enough to handle their children. An adult may also get into relationships, concentrate less on their studies, and a mother should be able to understand these changes and learn to handle them without getting too emotional about it.

A mother would eventually take on the role of a mother in law and a grandmother, where her responsibilities and life changes accordingly.

Life throws at us different unexpected situations. Motherhood is one such state which gives you the opportunity to realize your strength and potential to handle life gracefully! Motherhood is the beginning of a new life. Embrace it with all your heart!


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