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Myths about Diabetes

Myths about Diabetes

Diabetes is a very widespread disease today, but even then very little people have the right information on it. Here are some of the most common myths on diabetes:

Myth: If you don't have a family history of diabetes then you won't get it.

Fact: Diabetes tends to be an inherited trait that runs in families, but plenty of people diagnosed with the disease don't have a family history of diabetes. Weight and lifestyle also play a major role in developing diabetes.

Myth: Diabetics can feel whether their blood sugar levels are high or low.

Fact: There is no way to know your blood glucose levels except for testing them. A diabetic may feel the physical symptoms if blood sugar levels are high or low. But some people may not show symptoms when their blood glucose is too high or low.

Myth: Diabetics should not eat fruits...

Fact: It is a false notion that diabetics should not eat fruits. One can consume fibre-rich fruits like sweet lime, oranges, guavas, amla, and fruits that are high in water content like watermelon, musk melon, papaya, plums as these help to control blood sugar levels.

Fruits like mango, chickoo, custard apple, banana and grapes should be restricted as they have higher sugar content.

Myth: Sugar free products are safe to consume...

Fact: This may not apply to every product. Some products that are labeled "sugar free" may be high in fat and hence are not very healthy for diabetics. So it is a good practice to read the nutrition facts on the package label before buying any food. Look for ‘sugar free' and ‘fat free' on the labels.

Did you know?

One in every five diabetics in the world is Indian.

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