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Nasal Glioma

Nasal Glioma

Ever heard of “Nasal Glioma”?

This one is a reddish or bluish purple slow-growing lesion that encloses an impressionable mass within. It occurs on the nose bridge, usually at the region where the forehead meets the nose. The good news, however, is that it lacks the ability to spread into the neighboring tissues. The internal lesions reach the nasal passage and may cause respiratory issues.

A nasal glioma is found to have equal chances of occurring in both, males and females.

A nasal glioma can lead to difficulties in breathing, excessive watering of the eyes or nose, nose bleeding, cerebrospinal rhinorrhea (drainage of the fluid surrounding the brain into the nasal passage), meningitis, and tumors.


An ultrasound may be recommended to detect if a glioma is solid or encloses a cyst. Apart from this, an MRI may be recommended to detect the presence of tumors that have the potential to exist.


The only way to get rid of a nasal glioma is by getting it removed surgically as early as possible. The surgical procedure not only cures the lesion but also prevents recurrence, nasal deformities, or any secondary visual problems that may suffice.

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