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Natural Techniques to Relieve Pain in Labor.

Natural Techniques to Relieve Pain in Labor.

There are various drug free techniques to reduce pain and stress during labor and delivery. These methods:
• Helps your body release natural pain relievers like endorphins.
• Distract you from pain of childbirth.
• Soothe and relax you as you go into pain and labor.

Relaxation techniques:
There are two types of relaxation techniques:
• Progressive relaxation: It is associated with one group of muscles being relaxed at a time.
• Touch Relaxation: Your labor coach massages a group of muscles to help you take your focus away from the pain and allow you to relax.

Massages are very beneficial to relieve pain during labor. You can do some massages yourself by rubbing your belly to improve your contractions. You can even ask your partner or your labor guide to massage for you. A massage will soothe your muscles and relieve pain.
• Use a hot towel or heating pad to relax the aching muscle.
• Use oil or body lotion to move your hands smoothly across your body

Meditation helps you control pain by focusing on one object. You can meditate with your eyes closed by concentrating on a focal point.
• Focus your mind on a picture or an image
• You can even try focusing on a word or repeating it over and over to yourself.
• Do not worry if you are losing your focus, bring back your mind to the focal point.

Breathing Techniques:
This is one of the best known, tried and tested techniques for natural pain relief. It is about steady rhythmic breathing that relaxes your body and keeps you distracted from labor pain. It also:
• Reduces the feelings of nausea and dizziness, and keeps you alert.
• Helps in circulating more oxygen to your body and your baby.
These techniques yield best results if they are practiced before childbirth.

Position Changing:
Changing position during labor helps in blood circulation. Sitting in upright position puts you at ease and also speeds up contractions in early labor. Squatting may help in later stages of labor. Few women may find it soothing to sit on a birthing ball. Women with backache may find ease in getting on their hands and knees.

Hot or Cold treatment:
Using hot or cold treatment is another way to cope with labor pain. You can use either of them or both.
A hot compress will help you reduce muscle tension. A warm blanket might also be useful, if you have chills.
Using a cold wash cloth on your forehead or sucking on some ice chips might help you cool down. An ice pack on your aching back too could put you at ease.

Support person or doula:
It is always better to have a support person throughout labor and delivery to keep you comfortable. Most women count on their spouses for emotional support. Some women also hire a professional source of labor support called doula, who assists you and your partner throughout labor.

Labor pain is different in every woman. If you have chosen natural childbirth as an option, it is totally up to you to decide whether you would like to go with a pain medication or cope with labor pain through natural techniques. You can always consult with your healthcare provider before making a choice.

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