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Nesting Instinct During Pregnancy

Nesting Instinct During Pregnancy

"Behind every successful mother is a basket full of pride and Joy". All set to welcome the bundle of joy, there cannot be a moment other than Pregnancy that a woman can feel more proud of. Women during this stage experience a lot of joy, surprises, challenges, and of-course, the eagerness to welcome the tiny tot. Ever wondered why expectant parents are drawn towards those cute little toys? Or have you been experiencing the urge to do something in the name of your yet-to-be-born baby? Well, you may be one among the many women who are experiencing "Nesting Instinct". An expecting mother's efforts to prepare herself and her surroundings for a new baby are instinctive. What is this instinct? Why does it occur? What causes it? Is it safe? Read on to find out more..

What Is Nesting Instinct?
It is the sudden burst of energy many expectant mothers face, which often expresses itself as an urge to get the house clean, organized and ready for the baby. Although studies show that it kicks in around the 5th month of Pregnancy, its more evident post 32 weeks. It can express itself in many forms like - an urge to knit a sweater/sock for the baby, to buy toys/clothes etc. for the baby, an urge to buy a crib/pram for the baby or even setting-up a room for the baby.

What Causes Nesting Instinct?
Pregnancy is a time of intense hormonal fluctuations. Surplus supply of Adrenalin, Oxytocin (the feel-good hormone), Estrogen, & Progesterone may make you feel increasingly energized and excited about your baby's arrival, and contributes to the final frenzy during the 9th month. However, some women may not experience this owing to various issues, which is absolutely normal.

What To Expect:
Every woman's experience with the nesting instinct is different. Few things you may find yourself doing maybe: constantly keeping a tab on your due-date, shopping for your baby's requirements like clothes or toys, cleaning every room in the house, joining new activities that you were previously uninterested in etc. Have more to add to this list?

Only Women?
This can be the most common question among women. Studies show that men who are expecting a child can experience this instinct too. Though not as intense as their partner, their experience will be more subtle. Identifying these instincts in your spouse/partner can be fun and undoubtedly leading to more emotional bonding.

Is Nesting Instinct Safe?
For the most part, it's a completely safe part of pregnancy, provided you enjoy what you are doing & not pushing yourself too hard to work on it, in which case it might become a compulsion with you finding it difficult to stop yourself from doing it. Be sure to take frequent rest breaks and maintain a balanced diet. Share your feelings & involve your partner, don't forget dad-to-be can be equally excited.

A Word Of Caution:
The intensity of this instinct will vary greatly from one woman to another, besides; social expectations play a very crucial role in it, so make time to talk to your doctor about it. Avoid doing certain tasks that involve bending, lifting, disturbing your sleep-eating patterns, as they can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Save some energy for the "big day".

It's fine to feather your nest, but be sensible. Avoid overdoing anything, especially close to the due date. Nesting can become humorous, or intolerable to those around you, but it will be worth these moments. You can even choose to relive them by documenting this humorous phase of your pregnancy.

Have a Happy Pregnancy !!


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