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Never Ignore These Pregnancy Symptoms!

Never Ignore These Pregnancy Symptoms!

While pregnancy brings in many joyous moments, it demands extra attention as well. You never know which moment can turn out scary! Here are few symptoms to watch out for. If they occur, report to your doctor for help.

• You just don't feel good: If you are feeling uneasy and unsure of the symptoms, listen to your instincts and call your doctor right away. Sometimes, in pregnancy it is difficult to understand whether what you are feeling is normal or not. Keep your doctor informed about such symptoms.
• Pain in the lower abdomen: Reach out to your doctor, if you experience pain in the lower abdomen or on both sides. This can indicate a lot of things, and not all of them could be serious. It may indicate ectopic pregnancy, premature labor, placental abruption or a ligament pull. So, keep your doctor informed right away.
• Fever: If your temperature is above 100 degree F, without cold and flu symptoms, then visit your doctor. It could be an infection, which might need some antibiotics and rest.
• Disturbed vision: If you experience blurring, dimming, double vision or flashing spots for more than two hours, check with your doctor. It might be pre-Eclampsia.
• Swollen or Puffed hands, legs, face or eyes: Swelling of face, hands, legs and eyes are common in pregnancy and there is nothing to worry about. But if the swelling is sudden and accompanied with headache and blurred vision, it may be due to pre-Eclampsia.
• Vaginal bleeding: Bleeding through vagina during pregnancy is abnormal and is an alarm indicating miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature labor or fibroids.
• Sudden increase in thirst: It could be due to dehydration or gestational diabetes. Both may pose a potential risk to the mother or the baby if not intervened at the right time.
• Itching, pain or burning sensation while urinating: If you experience this symptom along with fever, backache, abdominal pain and shivering, it might be due to a urinary tract infection. Check with your doctor, you may need antibiotics.
• Severe Vomiting: If you have vomiting more than three times a day, it can make you dehydrated and exhausted. It is good to check with your doctor especially if vomiting is accompanied with fever and abdominal pain.
• Dizziness and Fainting: It may mean that you haven't had enough food for that day or it could be due to low blood pressure or even gestational diabetes. If you experience these symptoms, check with your doctor.
• A big difference in your baby's movement: It is common to experience changes in your baby's movements every day. But if you feel that the movements have drastically reduced, without delay go for a checkup.
• Fluid discharge from vagina: Any kind of fluid discharge from the vagina before 37 weeks of pregnancy could point out the premature rupture of membranes. This could be a sign that you are headed into labor. Inform your doctor and she might ask you to get admitted.

Most of these symptoms can be treated easily with a doctor's visit. As you progress with your journey through pregnancy, you will learn which symptoms are normal and which are not. If you experience any of these symptoms on the list, do not hesitate to tell your doctor. Remember, your baby is depending on you!


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