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Nourishment For Flexible Bodies

Nourishment For Flexible Bodies

Flexibility is the key for supple movements of the body in any sports or physical activity. The warm up activity before any exercise or sports event not only loosens the muscles but also increases flexibility and reduces muscle injury. Perhaps the two activities that need most flexibility are gymnastics and yoga.

Diet and gymnastics:

What would be a good diet for a gymnast? Some gymnasts go on a drastic weight reduction programme in order to be lean and light. Even though lower body weight is essential for gymnasts quick weight reduction works against them because of lack energy. The best energy provider is carbohydrates. Our muscles and brain run on carbohydrates which can be obtained from whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat (chapatti, roti), whole wheat bread, pasta, corn, fruits and starchy vegetables. The carbs need to be accompanied by some proteins and fat for overall health. Like for all other sports persons, gymnasts also need a well-balanced diet.

About an hour before a gymnastic workout, a light carb snack would be ideal. A fruit smoothie or a slice of whole wheat bread smeared lightly with peanut butter would give adequate energy for the workout. A bowl of cereal with banana would be a good refueling after the work out. Fluid intake should be adequate throughout the day.

Diet and yoga:

Like I gymnastics, yoga practice also requires flexibility. Yoga is probably the finest way to incorporate or increase flexibility. Over centuries, yoga has laid great emphasis on food. Many yoga practitioners like to follow a vegetarian diet the spirituality surrounding yoga is probably one of the reasons for this. Yogic philosophy always emphasises on whole grains like brown rice, sprouts etc. the need for this is felt much more today when more than 50 percent of all health disorders can be traced to wrong eating habits and faulty nutrition.

Though yoga does not classify foods into vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on, the philosophy of yogic diet is not far removed from modern day nutritional science. Both yoga and present-day nutritional science promote natural and whole foods. Yoga also believes in a balanced diet which not only ensures good nourishment but also a healthy digestive system for absorption, assimilation and elimination.

Sathvic diet is widely promoted in yogic philosophy and Ayurveda. Sathvic foods are believed to be light, easy to digest and refreshing to the mind. Whole grains cereals, pulses, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, some spices, nuts, oilseeds, honey, herb teas and dairy foods are categorized as Sathvic foods.

Whatever the form of physical activity you follow whole some foods are the ones that will give you energy and good health. The bottom line is to eat right and eat what's good for you.


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