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Oatmeal Dry Fruits Pancake

Oatmeal Dry Fruits Pancake

Pancake is an American breakfast which is quick and easy to make. It is generally made of maida (refined wheat) but you can also use wheat flour and/or oats. In this recipe, we are using oatmeal, which is high in fiber, and dry fruits and nuts, which provide vitamins, minerals, proteins and good fats.


• Oatmeal - 1 cup
• Wheat flour - 1 cup
• Milk - ¾ cup
• Baking powder - 2 tsp
• Egg - 1
• Oil - 2 tbsp
• Sugar - 2 tbsp
• Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
• Salt - ½ tsp
• Mixed dry fruits and nuts - ¾ cup


• Mix all the dry ingredients (except dry fruits) in a big bowl.
• Mix in the wet ingredients and stir till the mixture turns slightly runny. If it is thick, add milk. If it is runny, add a little wheat flour.
• Add the dry fruits and fold it in.
• On a hot, non-stick pan, pour 1 scoop of the batter. Cook till the sides turn dry and turn over to the other side. Cook for 2-3 minutes.
• Serve hot with honey or maple syrup.


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