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Oops!!! Did you miss your cycle?

Oops!!! Did you miss your cycle?

  Did you miss your monthly cycle ending with an unplanned pregnancy? Are you still unprepared to bear a child and bring her up? Read below to know reasons for unplanned pregnancy...

• Lack of knowledge on sexual and reproductive health can lead to unplanned pregnancy. Understand the process of intercourse, reproduction and how to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
• If contraception is not around the corner, expect pregnancy!
• Choose a reliable contraceptive to avoid pregnancy if you are still aren't prepared. Talk to your Doctor before choosing contraception.
• Do not fail to follow instructions given on the contraception before using. For example, condoms are to be used in good condition; diaphragm or cervical caps should completely cover the cervix before intercourse or birth control pills should be taken at the same time everyday to be effective.
• Do not use contraception inconsistently as it increases the chances of pregnancy. Forgetting to use condoms or cervical caps or taking a pill even once can increase your chances of conception.
• Contraception failure is a common reason for unplanned pregnancy. A damaged condom or effect of other drugs/herbs on birth control pills can be causes.
• Do not assume that you are not in your fertile period and skip your contraception before intercourse. Research suggests that there is "no safe time" in a month and the possibility of pregnancy may occur on almost any day of the month including during menstruation.

Follow safe practices before and after intercourse to avoid unplanned pregnancy.


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